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(Resignation Letter Sample) Date Employers Name Company Name Street/Address City, State, Zip Dear, Please accept this as a two (2) weeks formal notice of my resignation from the employ of. I wanted
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. I am hopeful that our combined experiences, contacts and skill sets will ensure that our respective organizations and teams continue to develop and grow in an enhanced and enriching manner. Your continuing professional development and the continued presence of my leadership will insure that I'm a positive and positive force for the company. During my time with you, I have seen growth and improvement in our organization; the quality of our products and services; and our relationships with customers. In a competitive job market, there are some who have experienced significant declines in their salaries, and others who are making a substantial jump in salary or advancement opportunities because of current company initiatives. I would encourage you to take advantage of the competitive wage increases, but remember, that each employee is responsible for his or her salary and performance. In addition, your company is providing a flexible and convenient plan for all employees to take part in and contribute in the promotion process. As employees continue to advance in their jobs , their responsibilities and earning potential grow. I look forward to being part of the continued growth and success of our organization as our products and services continue to gain more momentum. Thank you, (Name of employee) Sample Confidential Letter - Sample Letter from Employee to Employer - Sample Confidential Letter - Sample Letter from Employee to Employer (Resignation Letter - Sample): Date Employers Name Company Name Street/Address City, State, Zip Dear . . . . Please accept this letter as my formal written resignation from the employment of . I have a wonderful opportunity with another organization that is working very hard to attract and develop the best people. I felt that I was underutilizing myself in other companies by working too much for them under unfavorable circumstances. My new job is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to working with my new partners. I want every opportunity to be the best person I can be, and I hope you will find this opportunity to meet my potential. I wish you continued success, happiness and success in your other endeavors. If I have any reservations, please let me know. . . . In solidarity as an employee, I would like to be advised of any changes that may have occurred in my employment that may affect my rights, benefits or financial arrangements. I understand that your organization may have created a new written policy for new employees to use as their written severance policy. You may want to consult with the Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division of this state and my office for guidance. Please let me know if I will be required to sign any of these
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Yeah! You finally get to give that employer that two-week notice. I'm Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems, giving you some ideas on how you can give your two weeks' notice. Always remember, you never know when you'll have to come back across that bridge, so you always want to do things the right way. In today's business environment, that supervisor or that manager may show up at the next company that you're going to. Be thoughtful and be thankful. You had a job, the company provided some resources for you. Make sure that you let them know that you do appreciate it. You're moving on, and I'm glad for you, but just keep in mind that you never know when you may see that manager, that supervisor, or you may actually be back at that company. With all the mergers and acquisitions that we're seeing today, you may start out at one bank, and it may be bought by another bank. So giving your two-week notice. Congratulations, you've done a good job. But just make sure you do it the right way. That you are thoughtful and you are thankful. That you let people know you appreciate what they've done, that you've enjoyed working for the company, and that now you're moving on. My name is Gloria Campbell. I'm with Advantage Training Systems located in St. Petersburg, Florida, giving you some ideas on how to give that two-week notice. Yeah!
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